Dirty Sexy Edits

Independent proofreading and editing services for erotica authors

Readers gleefully pointing out the number of typos in your self-published work? Anthology editors dropping gentle hints about your punctuation in the thanks-but-no-thanks email?
Worried that a regular editing service might be shocked at the number of rude words?

Let me help you with that…

Flash fiction/blog posts up to 1500 words: £10.00
Short story 1500-8000 words from £15.00- £55.00
Long short story 8000-15000 words from £55.00 – £100.00
Novella 15000-40000 words from £100.00 – £250.00
Novel 50000 -80000 words from £250.00 – £400.00
Above 80000 words: price negotiable.
Website/blog overhaul and check: price negotiable.